Saturday, 13 April 2013

New blog

I've been chatting lots with my Twitter pals about blogging: why do we do it, who's our audience, how do we best communicate...? I've been feeling like I need to try something different. So, enter Jux! It's a fairly new platform I think and so far I love it. Come see!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Happy mail

This week yielded some amazing treats via letterbox. Hovering over the 'Buy' button on a Tatty Devine name necklace, I asked my Twitter pals whether I should commit or not and the lovely Claire of The Bellwether (previously known as Miso Funky) suggested I go to Kim at Finest Imaginary instead, who's just started making some wooden name necklaces. I've got a necklace from Kim already and love it, so I thought YES. Support the little guy.

Then, Danielle Thompson from Kitschy Digitals did a little Instagram sale of stamps. Couldn't resist that little 'Do not bend' beauty. So cute!

I kind of love shopping online just for the surprise at the end of a long day.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Finally spring

Family time around these parts means: sitting around chatting and watching YouTube funnies; letting my nephew 'help' me crochet and watching him show me his jumping; going on long walks; feeding the ducks; and watching the Toy Story trilogy an insane amount of times. Yup, it's pretty much all centred on the wee man.

Happy Easter break everyone!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Selina Lake's Pretty Pastel Style book launch

Friday was one of those days at work that you sorely need after a hectic deadline: a chance to get out of the office and meet the people you're making the mag for; try news things and be inspired afresh.
In my experience, anything Selina Lake organises does just that. The handmade fairs she puts together for her book launches showcase a wonderful mix of designers on the theme and this time it was all about the pastels. There were so many pretty things!
You can read all about it in issue 27 of Mollie Makes, out on May 10th. We're doing a special interactive page about the fair - in the digital edition and online. I even presented a little video about it (yet to watch it back. May edit any mention of it!) so keep your eyes peeled on

Thursday, 21 March 2013


Wales, wool, Scotland and selfies.

Just come to the end of another mag cycle. Issue 26 got sent today. So I'm taking the evening to take stock and remember all the cool stuff that's happened amongst the deadline angst and eventual delirium this fortnight.

Oh my, I do get stressed. But it feels soooooo good when it's done.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Mollie Makes 25: behind the scenes

This issue came out on Friday and I've been overwhelmed by all the lovely messages on Twitter and Instagram. Thanks everyone. It's bunnies and cuteness galore this time, no apologies ;)

I like the idea of giving you a little snapshot into the 'making of' each month, so I'm going to start making a mental note of stuff-I-can-disclose. Issue 25's tale is the cover.

The wonderful Sara Carr made us two bunnies, but when it came to the mocking-up stage, we visualised it with three. Two sitting on eggs and one face-down in front of them to show off the pom-pom bum (watch the video to see how cute!). However, we had no time to ask Sara to make a third for us. Photoshop to the rescue! We got very close to print before deciding it actually looked better with just the two after all. Not without lots of extra work on photography, styling and pre-media work. But that's the way it goes sometimes! We love our funny bunny cover. Hope you do too.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

For my mum

Supportive, loving and comforting. That's my mum to me. She has a seemingly unshakable faith and belief in me and my siblings that's quite rare I think. She lets us get on with it, even when we make huge mistakes. And then is always there to help us pick up the pieces.

That's just one of the many things about her I'm especially thankful for. Thanks for letting me mess it up, mum. I'm a much stronger, more independent person for it.